Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunset Picnic

Today I had a course to attend all morning, so the rest of the afternoon was dedicated to my little angel. After a swim and her "jump over flip over's" we came home and prepared a picnic dinner of her choice......mmmmmmm.............jam sandwiches, yogurt and crackers dip & cheese (I made sure I had a glass of wine with me and shared her crackers, dip and cheese)!! I promised her it was all her choice, so I went along no arguments seeing as it is a rarity - and was she a happy camper. These are a couple of pic's from the sunset and tree near our house. We had the music going in the car and she cranked it up and started dancing up a storm - hilarious!! :-) The pics are straight from the camera - this is exactly the colour tonight it was lovely!

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