Saturday, March 7, 2009

My beloved Tika

Today was a nice relaxing day! I have 7 family shoot's next week, so I decided I had better have a rest day!! Finish all this week's editing and then relax! :-) Our beautiful dog Tika was the lucky one today to be my subject! We had just been for a walk and she was pooped - long enough to let me capture her! So here are my first pic's of our white Golden Retriever Tika.

I also have some very exciting new's coming this way! I am just going to make sure everything is confirmed and signed 110% before I announce it - or it is likely some not nice people may try to steal it....some people do strange things like that!! is worth stealing, but no announcements until it is steal proof LOL! So WATCH THIS SPACE!!!


  1. WOW!! I just love love love these pics of your gorgeous doggy!
    <3 Simone

  2. Thanks Simone!! She is the biggest sookiest spoilt dog in the world. I am thinking about doing pet photography too.......I will be looking for some pets for my portfolio if you have a pooch?? Thanks again, Jenxx