Tuesday, June 2, 2009

John Flynn Hospital

Today I am excited to announce the wonderful new arrangement I have with John Flynn Hospital!

Studio Jenjen will be now linked with John Flynn Maternity and setting up our studio within John Flynn Hospital offering photography onsite for parent's of newborn's! We will also be setting up the studio for the parent's attending antenatal classes to offer pregnancy photography to the beautiful expectant mum's prior to them giving birth!

I am so very excited about this opportunity for 2 reason's. Firstly, I am able to focus my work on the most precious time - the first few day's of a babies life - and the first 2 week's is the best time to photograph the newborn's at their most tender moment's!

Secondly, I am very proud and honoured to be supporting the Mother's Milk Bank which is based at John Flynn Hospital. $50 from every sale will be donated toward's this wonderful charity.

I have also donated large framed photograph's to the John Flynn Hospital, The wonderful obstetrician's room's a the Medical centre who service this hospital,and the Tweed Head's hospital also. I am absoultley honoured to be able to donate these photograph's and see my work on the wall's. It is a very proud moment!

And also very exciting, there will be reporter's reporting the launch of this venture at John Flynn Hospital on Tuesday the 16th June!! So I will be sure to fill you in closer to the date - keep your eye's peeled on the new's and of course the wonderful Gold Coast Bulletin!

I hope that we are able to raise some much needed awareness to the Mother's Milk Bank, and also raise some money toward's this.

We are in the process of final deal's with several other child related organisation's also for similar set up's, so we will keep you posted.

What a GREAT WEEK it has been so far - and I am very very proud and honoured to be part of such an amazing organisation.......and very excited to be having a base at the truly wonderful hospital who delivered my little angel!

Be Sure to pass on the information to your family and friends!

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  1. Jen, FANTASTIC news!!! Well done.
    x Mel