Thursday, June 25, 2009

An exit is an entrance to something else!

Well...what an eventful week we have had at Studio Jenjen!! We have moved AND opened an exciting new studio!! This studio will be ready to take bookings within the next 2 weeks. We have also booked a number of fundraiser's in the coming months in Melbourne, Kalgoorlie and Darwin!! We look forward to taking Studio Jenjen on the road.

Life is a funny thing.........which brings me to today's title.........opportunities come out of the strangest of places - when a door unexpectedly closes and you are unsure where you are at - another door with bigger and better opportunities open's. Good luck to those who close door's for other's.......and congratulations to those in life who take it on board and take another leap of faith in an even bigger direction.

Here are some personal pic's from the beach today. After a couple of week's off with moving and setting up the new studio etc, I am starting the booking's again from this weekend with 2 wonderful shoot's (weather permitting LOL)

Enjoy my latest candid shot's of my little princess.

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